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  • Ricky Borchert


    Ricky grew up in the mean streets of Meriden, where he would skateboard every day. If he wasn’t skating he was drawing. He always knew he wanted to pursue a career in art. He graduated high school and went on to Paier College of Art where he graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Arts. It was there that he started work on his sleeve and his passion for tattoos grew. Out of college, Ricky got a job working as a special education Tutor, which he did for 6 years. It wasn’t until his fiancé lead him to Megan Jean that he realized he could actually become a tattoo artist. Ricky apprenticed under Megan and found he really loved doing black and grey and realism. He now enjoys doing portraits or anything else with a more realistic look. He is constantly looking to improve and grow as an artist. He has less time to skateboard now, though looking at his skating you would never know it, but he is very happy with the direction his career is going and the team he’s working with.


  • Mike Franco


    Mikey spent his youth doodling on everything. He developed a love for portraiture early and spent much of his time studying how to draw faces. He always had a passion for all things artistic and decided to pursue art as a career. He attended the Educational Center for the Arts during high school studying a wide array of arts including photography, print making, sculpture and digital art. He went on to graduate from the University of Bridgeport with a bachelors in Industrial Design and worked in the design field before falling in the love with the art of tattooing. Now he strives to incorporate all his artistic experience to bring his tattoos to life.


What should I wear and bring with me the day of my tattoo appointment?

The goal is to be as comfortable as possible while intentionally hurting yourself, right? So, we suggest you ask the artist what you should wear that would make you most comfortable the day of your appointment. Realistically the “I’m staying home, so sweatpants and a big sweatshirt while I watch 10 seasons on Netflix” clothing option is literally the best, SERIOUSLY!
Some key things to make sure you bring:
– Snacks!!! We can’t stress this enough. Getting tattooed impacts your blood sugar, which if you don’t catch in time, could lead to passing out. When you get tattooed, your body goes through a period of stress and shock at first. Basically, it’s trying to get you to stop what you’re doing. If you keep your blood sugar up, your body will know what you’re doing is intentional and won’t try to shut down on you.
– Blanket/pillow. I know this sounds weird, but a pillow or blanket to sit on will keep you nice and cozy, so you will sit better for the artist.
– Zip up hoodie or thick flannel. Obviously don’t bring a parka, but a zip up hoodie or nice warm flannel that you can easily take on and off will make all the difference while you’re getting tattooed. Whether you’re getting tattooed for 20 minutes or 10 hours you can get really cold and pretty warm at times, so it’s good to have that extra layer, just in case.
– The right outfit! I literally want to flick people for things they try to get tattooed in. We don’t care about how cute you look in your outfit. We want you comfy. Ask your artist when you make your appointment if you should wear something specific- such as, a bathing suit top or bottom, shorts, certain shirt or tank top, etc. I can’t tell you how many times people have come to get their thigh tattooed wearing super tight jeans and tiny, tiny underwear (both guys and girls). This results in us snickering at you all day, so just avoid the whole awkward situation, and ask your tattoo artist what attire you should wear.

Getting a new tattoo: Where to start?

If your tattoo is a small symbol or piece of artwork that you already have and want just as it is, then simply stop by, email, or call and show us your picture or tell us your idea. You will be paired with the right artist for the job and we will be able to quote you a price once we see the design.

However, many tattoos are more complex. You might be trying to express an idea, or maybe you like certain subject matter but do not have an exact picture you want. Don’t worry, this is the perfect place to start when you want to collect original art.

You might want to do a little research of your own, gather a few pictures you like that capture something you’d want your tattoo to reflect. The picture may not even be the subject matter you want but maybe it has a feel that you want your tattoo to have. Maybe the colors are right or the angels grab you. This way when you contact us, the artist can get a sense of things you are looking for.

You also need to know which style of art you would like the tattoo rendered in. Once we understand the style you are looking to collect, the subject matter, and the feel you would like the work to have, we can pair you with one of our artists.

Lastly, you need to decide which body part you would like to be tattooed on. If you are open to several places, the design may compliment one of those areas more than the others and this may influence your decision.

What different styles of tattoos do the artists specialize in?


As the name implies, this style reflects how things look in real life. Portraits are an example of realism, when the work has three-dimensional qualities with textures and lighting and dimensions that make sense. The style often requires a lot of attention to detail and can be applied in color or black and gray.


When talking tattoos, a “Sailor Jerry” reference may get tossed around a few times. This classic style is a throwback to the art form’s golden age. It’s been around for roughly 150 years. Very Western in design, typically done in three parts; one part black, one part color, and one part skin. Thick lines are always used, and the motifs are typically nautical and military in theme. Eagles, anchors, swallows, hearts and banners, etc.


Koi fish. Cherry Blossoms. Dragons. This is a rich tattoo style with a deep history. This style originates from the Ukiyo ‘floating world’ woodblocks of the Edo period (1603-1868). The designs are very flat — two-dimensional, almost like a textile. They can be done in full color or black and gray.


As the name implies, a black and gray tattoo is just that: working within the grayscale palette and using various needle sizes to achieve a highly detailed tattoo. It has a very smooth appearance and a lot of grace. It applies a tone of antiquity.


A cover-up is when we tattoo over an old tattoo to hide it with the new artwork. These can be done in any of the above styles. Often, a cover-up needs to be done in color to hide the old tattoo. Once in a while we can pull it off in black and gray, but often, the gray wash is not enough saturation to cover the old tattoo.

How do you price a tattoo?

After we talk to you and have a sense of the design you are looking for and which artist you will be working with we will be able to give you a price estimate. The larger the project, the harder it is to estimate the final price. In this case we will give you a range of what you can expect. All of this will be discussed and finalized with your artist before beginning so everyone is on the same page.

Will I need to have my tattoo touched up one day?

This varies depending on how you take care of your tattoo. If you keep it out of the sun, it should hold up for 10 or 15 years before a touch up might be desired. Many tattoos are never touched up and look fine. If you wanted an old tattoo to be sharper or more bold again an artist can accomplish this by simply hitting the black and white ink again, or the dark and light values. So not the entire tattoo needs to be re-done everytime.

How long does it take to heal a new tattoo?

There are different stages to the healing process. The first week your skin pores may still be open and susceptible to infection. During this time the tattoo should be cared for and kept clean diligently. The second week it will look great but might still be sensitive to chlorine pools or salt water. It will be a full three or four weeks before the new skin that grows over your tattoo is completely back to normal.

Should I go through tattoo removal?

Tattoo removal is useful and effective. Some tattoos can be easily covered with certain subject matter. However, not all images make a good cover-up. If you want to cover something dark with something light we recommend laser tattoo removal first. You do not need to remove the entire tattoo, but two or three sessions will result in fading it enough to give you more options for your new tattoo. This is really a case by case basis, as there are many factors involved, but we’d be willing to help you advise you in this area if need be.


Each artist tends to know how his or her work heals best. Also, clients who have been tattooed before often know how their skin reacts to different healing methods. When you get tattooed here, we will go over in detail with you what we recommend. We may discuss different methods with you if you have had a ‘rough heal’ in the past or if you are allergic to certain ointments or lotions.

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